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'Dawn of the Millennium'
© Joe Murray.

Dawn of the Millennium  over the Mill Pond, Skerries Find us on facebook
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Skerries Historical Society

The Mill Pond
Skerries at 9am
1st. Jan. 2000


We promote awareness and conservation of local history, heritage, folklore and artifacts.
The Society's main area of interest is Skerries and north east Fingal.

The next presentation is about Floraville. It's at 8.15 pm on Tuesday May 12th 2015.

It's by SHS committee members, Carmel Power and George Hand in the Bus Bar

Where is Floraville? When checking it out on the web one finds the name is widespread e.g. -

Floraville Villas is located on the eastern side of Phuket island about 10 minutes south of Phuket Town,
it is set in a quiet corner of jungle, offering a quiet getaway from the hustle of other places on the island
Quiet getaway - yes. Jungle?

Floraville est un immense champs de fleurs que ses habitants ont choisi pour y installer leur havre de paix.
En dehors du Centre Pokémon et du magasin habituel, cette bourgade de la région de Sinnoh . . .

Champ de fleurs . . . havre de paix - d'accord. Immense?

That unprepossessing green patch, Floraville, half way along Strand Street, was so ugly that a wall was built to hide it from view. Google earth can transport us back in time to - 2005. My memory, however erratic, can do better than that. I recall Floraville when there was a house of that name standing there. (Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan)
Now that agrees with the photo, with Skerries library on the left, though one doesn't recognise the house.

But to hear the full story all are invited to attend at 8.15 on May 12th in the Bus Bar.

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