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Get Time & Tide, Vols. 3 - 8:

Each Volume is comprised of about ten papers from the archive of the Society.
We hope that you purchase and enjoy reading Time & Tide Vols. 3 - 8. Vol. 6 has extra features to mark the society's 60th. anniversary i.e Profiles of some of the early members and an index of most of the papers read at SHS meetings since 1948.

Prices: Vol. 3 - (10 euro), Vol. 4 - (12 euro), Vols. 5, 6, 7, 8 - (15 euro each)

The volumes are on sale at several local shops e.g -
Skerries Mills
Skerries Bookshop 77 Strand St.
Greg Reddin (Infosystems) 66 Strand St.

Alternatively, email the SHS librarian (above) and have the book(s) mailed to you (postage payable).

Other SHS Publications

* Short Articles < = online - click here:
The Society has published on this website a selection of short articles on local historical topics. This is not a comprehensive history - but rather an easy introduction for those who like an occasional light read. We hope to add to this collection and to add references to more in-depth studies on some topics.

* Folklore/Folkways < = online - click here:
The Society's first paper publication was a collection of Skerries folklore and folk-ways. It used some material from the SHS paper archive as a source. It also included a number of stories from those collected by local National School children during 1937-38, and now stored in the National Folklore Collection at University College, Dublin. Copies are also available at Dun Laoghaire Public Library.

* Time & Tide, Vol. 1
Next, on cue for the Society's 50th. anniversary in 1998, came the first of the appropriately named Time & Tide volumes. This contained nine papers from the archive on topics such as:
Names of fields, lanes and paths around Skerries . . . Priory of Holmpatrick
A local shipwreck - Sarah of Runcorn . . . Skerries based schooners and smacks
The Emergency (known elsewhere as the 2nd. World War)

Time & Tide Vol. 1 is sold out: Contact SHS above

* Time & Tide, Vol. 2
The Society published Time & Tide, Vol. 2 consisting of ten research papers from the archive on topics such as:
Tambour And Muslin Industries of 19th. Century Ireland . . . The Body Snatchers . . . The Skerries Harps . . . Marian Musical & Dramatic Society. . . Aspects Of Community Life around 1912 to 1920 . . .

Time & Tide Vol. 2 is sold out: Contact SHS above

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